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Children's Water Cup Cute Creative Antlers Large Capacity Hygienic Straw Cup Transparent Plastic Outdoor Portable Water Bottle



* Material: pc+pp

* Capacity: 600ml

* Product size: height is about 7.41 inch,

width is about 3.2 inch.

* Instructions:

1: Before using this product, the cup cover and the inside of the cup body should be washed thoroughly with warm water.

2: Test after washing, put the product upside down after pouring drinking water to check if there are any omissions,

3: If you do not use it for a long time, you need to remove the dirt and fully dry it with a rag for the next use. Store it in a dry place and avoid light.

4: After loading hot and cold drinks, tighten the lid to prevent side leakage.


1: Do not store fruit juices, dairy products, etc. for a long time to prevent the deterioration and produce peculiar smells, and it is forbidden to put in carbonated drinks such as dry ice and soft drinks.

2: Do not place it next to high-temperature objects to avoid damage,

3: Please avoid the product from falling from a high place or subject to strong impact,

4: The amount of boiling water added should not be too full, so as to avoid overflow and scald.

5: Do not open the lid when tilted or close to your face,

6: When filled with boiling water, do not drink immediately to avoid harm to the body.

7: It is forbidden to use it in electrical products such as microwave ovens and dishwashers.

8: This product can withstand temperatures between -25°C and 105°C, please do not exceed it.

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