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Kids Square Dial Electronic Watch (With Packing Box)



* Suitable for children over 4 years old

* Material: ABS, LED, TPU

* Composition: Case: 100% ABS, Display: 100% LED, Strap: 100% TPU

* Size: dial diameter 45mm, dial thickness 10mm.

* Instructions for use: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds in the "time mode" to enter the setting mode, the "clock" number flashes, click the button to modify the current value;

Continue to hold down the button for 3 seconds to switch the setting items, and select the items such as "hour", "minute", "year", "month", "day", etc., and click the button to modify under each item.

* Note: It is forbidden to short-circuit, heat, burn and disassemble the battery to avoid the danger of explosion.

* Only suitable for daily wear

* Disposable products, non-removable, non-replaceable battery, non-rechargeable, non-water inflow

* Imported

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